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Welcome to our Parent Resource Page! Here you'll find resources and materials we recommend to help you and those in your household grow in faith.

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Visual Faith Ministry

For: Families, Children, Students, and Adults

Visual Faith Ministry is a free online resource that provides ideas to help individuals, children, and households grow in their faith through kinesthetic learning of God's word. Through visual prayer ideas, Bible journaling, visual faith projects, and more, they aim to connect the audible word of God with visual reminders and representations of the promises God has made and fulfilled through his Son, Jesus.  



1517 Academy

1517-logo - academy.png

For: Adults and Parents (could work for high school students)

1517 Academy creates high-quality theological resources by collaborating with the best minds in Reformation theology. They offer free, online courses, that cover worthwhile topics like Christ in the Old Testament, The Life of Jesus according to Luke, The History of Christianity in America, and more. 



The Bible App for Kids

For: Children

This app, available on Apple and Android mobile devices, provides a FREE interactive Bible experience. With vivid illustrations, touch-activated animation, and kid-friendly navigation, this app brings the story of the Bible to life through animated storytelling that can be narrated for non-readers. It also includes games and activities to help children remember what they learned!

We're always adding more resources so check back to see what's new!