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Faith Milestones

In Genesis 28, we read about the start of Jacob’s journey away from home. As he rests for the night, God comes to him in a dream and promises, “Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go” (Gen 28:15). When he wakes up, Jacob sets up the stone he used as a pillow and pours oil on it to set apart the stone as a marker of the place where God’s promise came to him. 


We can draw a parallel between this story and what we often call faith milestones. Like Jacob’s stone, Faith Milestones mark significant moments of God's work in the lives of children and students. They build on the past, celebrate the present, and prepare for the future. Like location markers on a map that mark where we’ve been, we can look back on these events and be reminded of God’s faithfulness.


At Calvary, we recognize the following Faith Milestones:

  1. Baptism

  2. 3-year-old Bible presentation 

  3. 3rd grade Bible presentation

  4. 1st Communion

  5. Confirmation

  6. High School Graduation Bibles

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Baptism is the foundational faith milestone in the life of every Christian. In baptism, by the power of his word attached to ordinary water, God works faith in the baptized and forgives their sin.

If your child has not been baptized and you are interested in learning more about having your child baptized, please email us or call the office to speak with Pastor Ken Nelson.

We provide an at-home curriculum for parents as they prepare for the baptism of their child. It is also for parents whose children have already been baptized to teach them about their baptism. Adults who have not been baptized call also use it in preparation as well.

3-year-old & 3rd grade Bible presentations

One of the promises parents make during the rite of baptism is to place the word of God in the hands of their children and teach them the Christian faith. One of the promises the church makes is to support parents in this endeavor. At Calvary, we do this by giving age-appropriate Bibles to ​current 3rd graders and those turning 3 years old. Parents can then read God's word to them and use these Bibles to teach the faith. Likewise, children can begin to read God's word for themselves.

Is your child currently in 3rd grade or turning three during the current school year?

1st Communion (2nd grade & up)
Household Faith First Communion Preparat

At Calvary, students 2nd grade and up are welcome to begin learning about Holy Communion through at-home instruction and then receive Holy Communion whenever it is offered in worship.

First Communion Preparation for Calvary children and students takes place primarily at home. We partner with parents, the primary influence on the faith of their children, and equip them to lead and teach their children about what Holy Communion is, what its benefits are, how Holy Communion can do what it does, and who receives Holy Communion worthily, in addition to some other questions and information about Holy Communion. The five lessons are available in blog post form which you can view below. The lessons can also be downloaded in PDF from the blog posts as well.

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