Confirmation is a four-year program open to students starting in 5th grade. Confirmation instruction takes place on Sunday mornings during our Christian education hour. The goals of confirmation are two-fold:

  1. To support and strengthen the faith life of each student building on their identity as baptized children of God by sounding again the basic doctrines and practices of the Christian faith and equipping them to better understand, defend, and practice it.

  2. To support and strengthen students as they become integrated members of Calvary.

Over the three-year program, students learn about the foundational truths of the Christian faith on a rotating basis. One year, they will learn the core doctrines of Christianity as taught in Martin Luther's Small Catechism. Another year, they will learn an overview of the Bible.​ And, in another year they will learn apologetics or defending their faith.

Components of Confirmation

Confirmation uses a variety of components to help support and strengthen the faith of each student as they become integrated members of Calvary.

  • Classroom Instruction

    • Students regularly attend class on Sunday mornings during the school year

  • Worship Service Attendance

    • The worship service is the foundation of all faith formation. There God serves us, his people, in his word and sacraments delivering to us the forgiveness of our sins and sustaining and strengthening our faith.

    • Students are required to fill out 20 Worship Service Summary Forms every year

  • Household Learning

    • Each year students and parents are asked to learn together in their household​ (see next section below)

  • Service Opportunities

    • Part of becoming an integrated member of a church is learning how to serve others in that church.​

    • Students will be given opportunities to learn how to serve at Calvary so that upon finishing confirmation and making a public affirmation of their baptism, they can serve alongside other members of Calvary.

Household Learning

Each year students and parents are asked to commit to learning together in their household. 

  • Small Catechism Year

    • currently under development

  • Bible Overview Year

    • Read the Bible

      • God speaks to us through his Word (2 Timothy 3:16-17). This is true for everyone including our teens and children and this happens as we develop the habit of reading and discussing Scripture. As part of Confirmation, we ask students and their parents to commit to reading the Bible together​.

        • We suggest households can use this Reading Plan which uses the lectionary reading read during the worship service and spreads them out over the preceding weekdays.

        • Students submitRead the Bible Form the first Sunday of each month​.

    • Storying

      • The Bible is one big story that leads to Jesus. Storying help students understand and communicate the themes and story of Scripture in our own words. There are 10 required stories (6 are set and 4 are student choice). Parents must complete Storying Form for each of the 10 stories their student tells. These are due the first Sunday in May.

  • Apologetics (defending the faith) Year

    • currently under development

Middle School Youth Nights & Confirmation Camp

Middle School Youth Nights

Throughout the year, middle school students are invited to come together once a month to build relationships with each other, have fun, and learn from God's word.

Confirmation Camp

Each summer we encourage our confirmation students to attend confirmation camp at Camp Lutherdale in Elkhorn, WI. This is a week of the camp set aside for churches to bring their confirmation students for an immersive week of faith and fun. Special worship is centered on the sacraments, small group Bible study with your church, and much more await your group this week at camp.


Confirmation Camp for 2023 is TBA

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