How to Read the Bible (part 2): The Story of the Bible

The end of the first video suggested that the Bible tells one unified story. So how do the 66 books of the Bible tell one unified story?

Watch the following video from BibleProject to learn more.

The Center of the Story

All the stories, books, poems, and letters of the Bible are unified in Jesus as the promised Savior and his saving work for humanity. They either point to him and his work in pictures and prophecies or tell us how he fulled those promises God made again and again to the people we encounter in Scripture. Another way to visualize this is in the bow tie diagram below:

This isn’t a novel or new way of understanding the Bible. Jesus spoke this way about it too! Take a moment and look up Jesus’ own words referenced below:

The Apostles, the followers of Jesus and leaders of the early church, also spoke about the Bible this way. Look at Peter and Paul’s words:

The Old Testament is also filled with covenants promises and prophecies God made. Check out some of them below:

Covenants Promises

Prophecies (Many were in words, but some were made in picture form that pointed ahead to Jesus.)

We’ve seen what the Bible is and that it tells one unified story about Jesus and his work of salvation. Next, we’ll look at the ways the authors of the Bible crafted this story.


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