Holy Week Devotions | Day 5 - Sent to Rise and Give Us Life



Historically, the church has used Holy Week, the week preceding Easter, to meditate and ponder on Jesus’ works and teachings leading up to his crucifixion and burial. This set of devotions is designed to just that for you and your household over five days.

In each devotion, you’ll watch a video covering a portion of Jesus’ life from the Gospel of Luke. Afterward, you’ll zoom in on a particular Scripture passage from that period and talk about it as a household. Then, you’ll close with a brief prayer.

These can be done whenever your household’s schedule allows, in the morning, in the evening, before or after dinner, or even before bed.

What you’ll need for each devotion:

  • A Bible (one for everyone going through the devotion)

  • A smart device (computer, tablet, or TV) on which everyone can view a video. These devotions will be using videos from BibleProject.

  • (Optional) Paper and pencil to write down questions you may have.

WATCH - The Resurrection of Jesus: Luke 24

On a computer, tablet, or another smart device, watch The Resurrection of Jesus: Luke 24 video on the BibleProject Youtube page (https://youtu.be/Vb24Lk1Oh5M).

READ - Luke 24:1-12

Grab your Bibles and read the Bible passage listed above. Read it aloud, either you, a member of your household, or take turns.


Discuss what you watched and read. You can use some of the following:

  • What did you notice? Did you learn anything new?

  • What did the message of the angels in verses 5-7 mean?

  • How did the women feel throughout this Bible passage and how do you feel about unexpected surprises and not being believed?

  • Why is Jesus’ resurrection a big deal? Why is it important for us today 2000+ years later?

  • Was there anything weird, confusing, or that you didn’t understand? Feel free to write down these questions and try to find the answers later.

THEN PARENTS SAY: Jesus’ resurrection is the foundation of our Christian faith. If Jesus stayed dead then we would have little to hope in. But the good news is that he did come back to life! Because he rose from the dead we can have faith in him and trust in him. Because he rose from the dead we have eternal life.


Lord Jesus Christ, you rose from the dead leaving our sin behind you in the empty tomb. May we continue to rejoice and celebrate in this great and marvelous thing you’ve done for us that we may have eternal life.


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