Confirmation Forms Page

On this page, you'll find links to the forms students and parents need to fill out as part of confirmation.

For more information see the Confirmation/Middle School page.

Every Year Form

Worship Service Summary Forms (WSSF)

This form helps students focus on various aspects of the worship service.

Answering 5 out of 10 questions (the 3 starred questions are required) counts as one form.
Answer all 10 and it counts as two forms.
20 Worship Service Summary Forms are required for between now and the end of the confirmation year.

Small Catechism Year Forms

More info on the way!

Thank you for your patience.

Bible Overview Year Forms

Bible Reading Form

Students submit the Read the Bible Form the first Sunday of each month​.

5 are required for the confirmation year.

Please use the suggested reading plan below.

Bible Storying Form

Parents must complete a Storying Form for each of the stories their student tells.

10 stories are required (6 are set and 4 are student choice).

These are due the first Sunday in May. See the Bible stories below.

Apologetics Year Forms

Still in development (no forms for 2021-2022)

Thank you for your patience.